A Month Of Memories

March was truly a month of memories starting with Yancy and Cory dedicating little Rhythm to the Lord. It was a very special night for our family. March is also Julie’s birthday month.  Julie is the glue that keeps this family together.   She serves us all so faithfully. She’s still serving Yancy as her Road Manager, both Sparrow and Rhythm adore their GiGi, she’s so wonderful with them. Her care for us all and how she works so hard to make our home a place of health, rest and peace is short of amazing.  I’m so thankful and blessed for how she loves us all.

Again this year I got to be a part of the “Live To Serve” volunteer training events. This team of friends and Orange Thinkers were such a fun bunch to get to minister with. We did three events in the month of March. One in Cincinnati , one in Virginia Beach, and one in Grand Rapids. One of the benefits about traveling for work is getting to combine business and pleasure.

I flew into Grand Rapids a day early so I could make a pilgrimage to a place I’ve always dreamed of touring. 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan. For more than a 100 years. From 1917 to 1985  this building was home to Gibson Musical Instruments. When Gibson moved to Nashville some of the employees didn’t want to move and created the Heritage Guitar Inc. that is still making guitars the old fashion way (by hand) in the very same building. It was a day I will never forget, (Look for my pictures under my portfolio.)

Looking back March produced more great memories than I have room to write about. As you can see with just 3 months into 2017 why this year was the best ever.

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