A September To Remember

September began with Julie and I going on a different kind of vacation. It was a bucket list vacation. Julie has never gotten to see the Grand Canyon. She's flown over it, and been near it doing concerts with Yancy but never got to see it. I told her it was just a big hole but she wanted to see it for herself. So we flew into Phoenix and drove to Sedona, then took in the Grand Canyon and also got to go stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizonia. Then we drove back to Phoenix and met up with Whitney where she was greeted by an In-N-Out Burger. From Phonex we flew to Los Angeles and heading north seeing the coastline, including Malabu, Big Sur, Carmel, Hurst Castle, Pebble Beach, Pismo Beach, Monterey, Santa Cruz, The Giant Redwoods and ended up flying out of Sacramenta and even seeing the California Capital building. It was the first vacation that we really didn't have an agenda or schedule which was a real switch for me. We all had a blast and all said we think this was one of the best family vacations in Wideman family history. The rest of September included time in Oklahoma, and my first stop on the Orange Tour in Lancaster, PA. I flew in early and checked off a couple more things off my bucket list. I toured Gettysburg National Military Park and also toured The Martin Guitar factory and museum. Another first this month was that Sparrow played in his first soccer league.  It was so much fun to get to cheer for him and I'm so glad I got to attend most of his games. (Be sure and checkout some of my pictures from these two trips and Sparrow playing soccer on my portfolio.)

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