April Showers Downpours Blessings

Maybe it’s an age thing but every month it seems like I have the opportunity to check off more items on my bucket list. This month I got to have my own booth at Northwest Arkansas Guitar Show. Two of my buddies joined me and again the good times rolled as “What Cha Got In That Case?” launched turning another hobby into a business.

Easter came and went with this being the first Easter since I was 19 years old where I didn’t have church staff responsibilities. While I was grilling steaks for Easter lunch and waiting to attend the evening services at our church, Yancy was ministering to kids during 5 weekend services at her church and Whitney and Julie were working in the background helping Yancy make Jesus loud.

Yancy celebrated 20 years in music ministry this year since releasing her first album. I could not be more proud Of how she has balanced being the Mom of two boys, homeschooling Sparrow and ministering in conferences and concerts and also producing great worship resources for church and home. Yancy is relentless in her faith and trust in Jesus. At the end of the day her desire to be obedient to Jesus’ call on her life and do what’s right warms my heart.

I got to travel with Yancy and Whitney to minister at 2 confences this month one in Fort Wayne, Indiana and then the Orange Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m so thankful for my Orange family! I love working with them helping churches and leaders connect the home and the church. It’s an honor getting to help lead NextGen Staff Solutions, Orange’s staffing company. I’ve met tons of great NextGen leaders this year and have enjoyed helping them find God’s plan. I ended the month on a site visit to Phoenix Arizona.

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