August Was Awesome

I love all the wonderful ministry opportunities I get to have. I love consulting with churches, helping churches find staff, speaking to parents and ministry leaders. This month I had the honor to do some of all that in Tampa. Yancy and I got to see John Mayer in concert with Bonnie Raitt. I sang along with all his songs like a 14 year old girl. Then it was on to Dallas to help another church.
Julie and I got to travel to St Louis to attend a special 40th Anniversary Concert by my dear friends "David and the Giants". It was so special to get to honor David and the guys.
Sparrow started fall soccer this month. I love cheering him on.
Whitney celebrated her birthday this month. Whitney is still working for Yancy and also helping me at Jim Wideman Ministries as She also grows her Makeup business. Be sure and checkout her work at Also follow her on instagram and twitter @wmakeup.
Whitney is very involved at our church, The Belonging. She serves in both the Children's Ministry and also Guest Services. I couldn't be more proud of her in every way.
This month thousands of Solar Eclipse viewers came to Middle Tennessee. They packed stadiums, filled up the hotels and caused traffic jams for miles. Julie and I just walked out of the house and watched from our driveway. It was amazing!
After another Infuse Coaching Retreat and a quick trip to Odessa to speak on parenting it was finally time for vacation.

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