Family, Faith And A Whole Lot Of Travel

2017 started off in true Wideman style by spending it together. Besides sharing a meal with family we started this New Year with prayer. It was so cool hearing what each family member was believing and trusting Jesus for in this new year. I believe things happen when we pray, each year we take time to know how to pray for one another. You can sum up 2017 for us by seeing the prayers of our family come to pass. One of the things I was believing God for  was to be home more in this new year. With ministry trips to Oklahoma, Atlanta, Arkansas and Knoxville it looked like this year would be just like years past busy, busy, busy. But I’m glad as Christ followers we walk by faith and not by sight. As this year has unfolded I’ve found just because we don’t see what we’re trusting God for immediately doesn’t mean we won’t see it. Over the next twelve months what we would see is God’s care and faithfulness to every single member of our family especially for Julie and I.

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