Hi Ho Hi Ho

October started off with another Infuse Coaching Retreat. I love these times, the relationships that Infuse creates last far past the six months of the program.

With ministry trips to Indy, Memphis and Austin on the Orange Tour all happening this month, plus tons of coaching and interview calls it was time to take a few days to enjoy friends, food and guitars at the Arlington Guitar Show. Years ago I learned when you find yourself at your busiest it's time to take a few days.

Another highlight of the month was getting to do a Grandparents’ Event with Yancy. I love doing events with Yancy. She led the crowd in worship and I got to bring a message for a group from five to seventy-five.

Although this was a very busy month Julie and I got to spend a lot of time with our little grands. They are so much fun. There is nothing like grandkids. They are both growing up so fast. They are all boy. They love the outdoors and play so hard. Julie always says that play is the work of children. If this is true our boys are very hard workers.

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