It’s Christmas Time Pretty Baby

December started off like the rest of the fall with more traveling. Yancy & Julie doing Christmas Shows and me doing site visits first to Lake Jackson, TX then to West Palm Beach, FL. In between these we got to celebrate my birthday in true Wideman style.  A fast trip to Atlanta and very cold trip to Oklahoma brings me back home for Christmas. The girls took the boys to checkout the Nashville Christmas Lights and all but me got to go see Amy and Vince wish us a Tender Tennessee Christmas. As you can tell from all these posts, one of the things I want for Christmas is to be able to stay home more in 2017. Please join us in prayer that the Lord will make a way for me to do that.  I'm believing 2017 will find us all in Tennessee together more than we did in 2016. The good news is we will all be home and together to celebrate Rhythm's first Christmas. So there you have it our 2016 in a nut shell. We are all happy, healthy and blessed in every way. We love hearing from everyone this time a year. Thank you for your cards and letters, Facebook posts and messages.  It is our heart's desire that the grace and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be on you and your family this Christmas! We hope our paths will cross in the new year. If you come through Tennessee be sure and reach out to us, we love getting to spend time with our family and friends. Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for taking time to catch up with us!

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