May I Tell You About Another Great Month?

May started right where April left off, spending time with my wonderful family.  We celebrated the Moms in our family and cheering for our little soccer player. This month I got to go on our first two site visits with NextGen Staff Solutions the first to Houston and then to Orlando. While I was out in Oklahoma this month I got to attend and help cook for a special "Dry Gulch Staff Reunion". It was wonderful to see so many kids who are all grown up now that worked as summer staff at Camp Dry Gulch. I was one of the speakers from 1990- 2007. Many of these kids were in my children's church as well. It was a wonderful day of seeing the harvest of seeds planted in others.The rest of the month was spent coaching and helping others plus following up on all the contacts from the Orange Conference. I ad no idea this was the calm before the storm and things were about to get crazy busy.

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