May I Tell You About May?

May began with me attending my 3rd Guitar Show of the year. This one was in Dallas. I’m thankful for my Guitar Show buddies; Craig, Joey, Gary, Doc, & Jimmy. Laughter is such a great medicine. I’m so blessed with so many true friends in my life. Friends that when you’re together they make you better, friends that are quick to pray and quick to listen and just love you. I think the Lord has showed me in 2017 a new just how blessed I am in the friend department. In fact if you are reading this, I want you to know I’m thankful for your friendship.

Also in May I got to fly into Raleigh and take some friends and infusers to dinner then drive to Jacksonville and hang with another ministry friend and do some consulting then head over to the beach in Wilmington to hang with some other friends and infusers.

This was my tenth year to coach 20 Kidmin, Stumin, and NextGen leaders every 6 months. It’s crazy how each of these groups have been different although they all have one thing n common they learned how to think different by being a part of Infuse. Infuse has also produced life long friendships and for that I’m so thankful.

One of the great things about Spring is getting to watch and cheer for Sparrow play soccer. It’s also fun watching Rhythm watch his brother play. It’s amazing to see how those two love one another. All us guys also enjoyed celebrating the Moms of our family. It’s such a blessing to still have my Mom alive and to get to spend time with her. This month has taught me there’s nothing as important as family and friendships.

Sparrow graduated from Kindergarten this month. Yancy and Cory gathered family and friends for a combination graduation celebration and a Preds Party (The Stanley Cup turned Nashville into a hockey town with a serious music problem.) Sparrow read for us, he recited scripture and even performed some magic tricks, Then we watched the hockey game. Such a special time!

Another flight to do a site visit in Iowa and this month is in the history books.

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