October Brought Both Hardwork and Rest

October started with something I've never done before, we hosted an Infuse Coaches Retreat. It was one of the most relaxing and fun times of ministry, I've ever had. Yancy and Cory took the boys to Disneyland. Whitney held down the fort at Yancy Ministries. Last year I told you about how Whitney launched her own makeup business and was also helping Yancy. This year she started helping me as well. It is an honor and a blessing to get to work together with my family. Whitney has been attending a wonderful church in Nashville called The Belonging Company.  She serves both with kids and at the welcome desk. We could not be more thankful for how the church has blessed her. After seeing all the growth in her and how much she loves her church,  Julie and I started attending it as well. This month was truly a great mix of work and fun. My travels took me back to Oklahoma, then to Dallas to the Arlington Guitar Show. Then the Orange Tour took me back Kansas City and Austin. I finished the month in Baltimore on another site visit. I flew home and did something I never got to do when I was working on a church staff. Halloween I spent the night at home handing out candy to the trick or treaters that came to the house.


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