Spring is here

March is another special month here in Widemanville, it's Julie's birthday month. This was a big one. Yancy and Sparrow showed up with giant 60 balloons which could only mean one thing sixty has never looked this good. We all got to celebrate Julie and be together which is amazing for folks who travel so much. Julie and I got to go to see Santana is concert for her birthday during the concert we met a little girl who was sitting next to us, Julie asked her if she had ever attended a concert before she said she had been to a Yancy concert. You should have seen the look on her face when we told her we were Yancy's parents. I also got to be a part of Orange's volunteer conferences "Live to Serve" in Cincinnati and Virginia Beach then I got to head out to Oklahoma to get ready for Easter at Northstar Church. It has been a wonderful blessing to be on staff and do life with my dear long time friend Pastor Roy Evans and his family. Northstar is a special place that truly loves people. It's the best of both worlds getting to be part of the Northstar team and family and still get to speak, consult, coach, and serve other kidmin leaders at Jim Wideman Ministries.

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