Those Wonderful Richmonds

This year started with a bang for Yancy and her boys. Yancy and I both spoke at CPC and since we were in Orlando With the Julie, Whitney, Sparrow and Whitney, Cory flew down and we all got to enjoy Disney together.

In February Sparrow turned eight. This was a big year for him. Sparrow loves hockey, both watching the Preds with his Dad and brother but He also loves playing goalie in a league at Ford Ice Center where the Preds practice. He’s really gotten good this year. Cory and Yancy are such good parents. They’ve all become at home on the ice and enjoy skating as a family. Sparrow has also been working hard learning karate he is currently a purple candidate. This year he’s also showing some interest in playing guitar. He’s in the third grade this year and also went to church camp for the first time.

Rhythm aka “Little Bro” turned three in July. He thinks he can do everything his brother can do. So of course he is our newest karate kid. He receive his first tip on his quest to yellow belt. Rhythm loves to go swimming at Aunt Woo’s pool and he loves to go with Daddy and Bubba to watch the Preds. He loves to go to church and dates with Mommy.

This year Yancy did concerts for kids and families through out the US, including several camps and conferences. She releasead a curriculum for elementary kids called Heartbeat this year that has had a huge impact. She’s also Got back in the studio making some new music for a new “Little Praise Party” project for PreSchoolers she hopes to release in the New Year.

In October the Richmonds enjoyed a special adventure to Hawaii to celebrate Cory’s fortieth birthday. They has a blast living the beach life, learning to surf and even riding in a helicopter. It was an amazing trip for all of them.

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